How can I register as a new user?

  • Click on the User button at the top right of the homepage.

  • Enter your mobile phone number in full, international format.

  • Accept our terms of use and take note of our privacy policy.

  • You will then receive an automatic SMS to the mobile number you entered, with a code for verification.

Is the Voting4Victory.app secure?

Anyone can register with their mobile phone number in the Voting4Victory.app This ensures that the voting results are as reliable as possible and cannot be manipulated. Therefore, it is a very effective and credible voting method, both for the questioners and the voters.

Why is Voting4Victory.app an effective and credible voting method?

Anyone worldwide can voluntarily vote and ask a question. Only one vote is possible on each question. This ensures in the best possible way that no manipulation takes place.

How can I participate in a vote?

Once you are registered, you can choose a question from the various categories. The questions are sorted by expiry time. Click on the question to go directly to the vote. Click on YES or NO and your vote will count.

How do I find out the final result of a vote?

The result is visible in the question during and after the vote. 

Can a vote be forwarded?

Click on the share button! This is located next to the question in the voting page and forwards the question.

Who can ask a question?

In the Voting4Victory.app, all private users, pupils, students, scientists, public institutions, political institutions, organizations of all kinds, social structures and companies can ask a question in all possible categories.

What is the best way to formulate a question?

  • You can ask all kinds of questions.

  • The question must be formulated in such a way that it can be answered YES or NO.

  • The question must not be insulting or threatening.

  • The question must be in line with our terms of use.

  • The question must be in line with the norms and ethics of the society.

Important notes for asking questions:

  • Questions can currently be asked in the available languages of the app.

  • Question for the whole world, must be asked in English.

  • The same question for several countries at the same time can be asked in English or in the language of the app and the respective countries. The question must be entered separately for each country, so you also get the results separately for each country.

How do paid questions differ from unpaid questions?

Basically, all questions are FREE. However, there are questions that specifically serve opinion research, market research, advertising, science, business, politics etc. For this reason, some questions are sponsored and therefore are subjected to a charge.

How do I ask a free question?

  • Click on the Plus button in the Voting4Victory.app

  • Select a country or worldwide to post the question.

  • Select the appropriate category and sub-category that your question relates to.

  • Choose from the options to ask a private question.

  • Write your question.

  • If you want, you can add a description to the question you asked.

  • Select the publication date and the duration for which the question should be published.

  • The earliest time the question will be published is determined by the calendar in the app. We need time to check the question. However, in the calendar you have the option to choose any later date of publication.

  • Click on the “DONE” button.

  • We will review the question and publish it if it meets our terms of use and ethical standards.

If a private question is qualified as chargeable, you will receive a notification.
If you want to continue to post the question as a sponsored one, you will need to take further steps.

What is the procedure for sponsored questions?

  • Click on the Plus button in the Voting4Victory.app

  • Select a country or worldwide to publish the question.

  • Select the appropriate category and sub-category that your question relates to.

  • Select “Sponsored”.

  • Write your question.

  • If you want, you can add a description of the question you asked.

  • Select the publication date and how long you want the question to be published.

  • The cost of the question is automatically indicated. In case of doubt, the sales tax is not yet included.

  • Enter the necessary company data.

  • As proof of your entrepreneurial status, enter your VAT number.

  • If this is valid, the tax liability is transferred (reverse charge) – the invoice is issued without VAT.

  • If there is no VAT number, the invoice will be issued with VAT.

  • Invoice recipients from Austria always receive an invoice with VAT.

  • Click on the checkbox “I agree with the General Terms and Conditions”.

  • Click on the checkbox “Order question with costs”.

  • Click on the “DONE” button.

  • We will send you an order confirmation by e-mail with the agreed amount, the agreed service and bank details. This order confirmation does not constitute a contractual relationship.

  • Transfer the fees for the question to the specified bank account of Voting4Victory.

  • The question will be checked and published as long as it complies with our terms of use and general ethical standards and the costs have reached our bank account.

  • Consider the transfer time from your country.

  • All sponsored questions will automatically receive an invoice by e-mail after payment has been received, which is also an order confirmation.


If, after checking, the question does not comply with our terms of use and general ethical standards, but the costs have already been transferred, we will transfer the amount back and the question will not be published.

Advertising in the Voting4Victory.app

There is NO advertising in the application.
However, companies that have asked a sponsored question have the possibility to send a message in the form of news with text and picture to all users at the same time.
In order to use this service, we recommend that our customers contact Voting4Victory directly in writing.

Communication between user and Voting4Victory.appwhat you should know?

For sponsored questions, communication via e-mail is necessary. Otherwise, we communicate with our users exclusively via the Voting4Victory.app All messages and the history of our communications can be found under the Messages and News icon.

I cannot log in. What can I do?

If you receive an error message when logging in or if you have not received the verification code, please check again whether you have also entered your mobile phone number and possibly the correct code and try again.

What should I do if I have changed my mobile phone number?

Due to our privacy policy, you cannot change your mobile number in your existingVoting4Victory.app account. If you have a new mobile phone number, you must register again. This is the only way to guarantee an anonymous and credible vote.

Why did Voting4Victory.app come into being?

Need is the mother of invention– that’s why Voting4Victory.app

It doesn’t matter how many people vote, only who counts them– Joseph Stalin

It matters who votes and who counts the votes and how Voting4Victory.

As an example, in the POLITICS category:

1. All opinion polls conducted so far are based on a relatively small number of citizens surveyed. The Voting4Victory.app – method enables the most extensive polling and thus the most reliable result.

2. The pre-election opinion polls in the Voting4Victory.app are reliable, credible and cannot be manipulated! This enables the political party and the voter to know the true picture of the current political scene and thus take the optimal and correct path for the development of the state and, above all, according to the will of its citizens.

3. Thanks to Voting4Victory.app, it is not possible to manipulate the real public opinion through political institutions, dependent media or even dictatorial influences in some countries.

Only together can we change the world and make the best of our lives and the planet – hence Voting4Victory.app